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The structure of all apartments is concrete, block and steel and the external building finishes are predominantly brick, and powder-coated aluminium. There are no painted or stained finishes requiring expensive maintenance.

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We aim to achieve a 25% reduction in building costs and a 25% reduction in construction time through careful design and innovative building practices. By restricting all developments to three levels we avoid the need for lifts which are both expensive to install and maintain.

The choice of quality, lasting materials results in a 50% reduction in long-term maintenance costs as evidenced by an independently prepared 20 year long-term maintenance plan. By following these practices we can pass on the benefits directly to the homebuyer with more affordable purchase prices and reduced ownership costs.


NZ Living believes that the medium-density model strikes a good balance between the increased densities needed in a growing city and providing real homes rather than just impersonal apartments.

Approximately 30% of the land area is dedicated to landscaping and open space. Each lobby is only shared by 6 to 12 apartments creating a community feel where neighbours can get to know each other. A third of all apartments are at ground level suitable for the elderly, disabled and families with young children.

We only develop near major public transport hubs so that people have a choice about whether to contribute to the congestion on our roads.

NZ Living
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There has been a lot of media commentary around the topic of apartment building quality in New Zealand.

At NZ Living we believe we are getting the fundamentals right. So you can take comfort in the knowledge you are investing in a wise and experienced organisation having a quality house built with bricks.

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NZ Living Construction
NZ Living Construction


Great teamwork is the essential foundation of our approach to development – wherever possible the same team of consultants, subcontractors and suppliers move with us across projects.

Brewer Davidson Architects provide our master-planning and design services.
For construction activities we prefer not to call tenders for prices, instead we choose to work with people that provide reliable performance at a fair price.

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